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Well done, good and faithful women! Your love weas evident in the details and planning. From the snacks, notes, treats, gifts, games, songs and towels! (Legacy Retreat)

The (Legacy Retreat) was an absolutely, amazing weekend that I will never ever leave my heart!

Thank for giving me the sisters I never had! (Legacy Retreat)

Really enjoyed the (surrender. Event). Thank you so much for the time, everything was greatly appreciated. The day was well planned and organized and went smoothly. I have been spiritually challenged and refreshed.

My first all day women's (surrender. Event) and I loved it. Had fun. Great deep and heart strong advice and support.

I thank loveSTRONG from the depths of my heart & soul. I came as an empty cracked cup to the (UN1TE retreat). I am leaving as a solid & strong cup that is overflowing. You have renewed my faith, my strength, & my soul. God Bless you all.

The camaraderie and unity amongst the women was amazing. I made so many new friends. God truly blessed this weekend and allowed this experience to change me at the (UN1TE Retreat).

This (UN1TE retreat) was just the thing I needed. Time to be with my sisters in Christ learning the depth of Christ’s love for me through these precious women..I was blessed beyond my wildest imagination.

Love that we are not all from one church and yet feel united! Thanks for the recharge, relax, and renue (UN1TE Retreat)!

This (UN1TE Retreat) has really changed my heart. I want to surrender my life to Christ, and after this weekend I just feel as it is so much closer! I feel so in love with God right now.

THANK YOU, to the entire loveSTRONG team for inviting me to come and share in your one-day (FRUITion Event)... and for letting me bring books to sell and sign! I enjoyed meeting so many new faces and really appreciate that you thought to include me. You are all gifted, amazing beautiful daughters of the King who exemplify servanthood. You are the hands and feet of Jesus and He is pleased with you all. I love and appreciate all of you! Be blessed in His Name!

Once again....WOW!!!! You all knocked it out of the park today with the one-day (FRUITion Event)!!! AH...MAZ...ING...retreat! Thank you for all your hard work!

Thank you for a GREAT (Seasons Retreat)! I met some fabulous women on different walks in their life with Christ. I was not brave enough to share my story, but I was honored to see the vulnerability and the transparency of all the different seasons various women have gone through, are going through, and those who have come out of the many winters in their lives. It made me realize that I am not alone. You are all amazing women of God!!!

"THANK YOU just doesn't seem like enough to express how much I appreciated all of the hard work, details, love, learning and fellowship the Lovestrong team provided for us this (Seasons Retreat)! You all are definitely the hands & feet of Jesus! I am soooooooo happy I went and I am going to tell EVERYBODY about this ministry and the awesomeness you all are doing for women!!!! God is really using you! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this! Love & blessings to you all!"

"Thank you all for a great (Seasons Retreat)! I could really feel all the love that went into every detail. The speakers all spoke to my heart and left me feeling uplifted and feeling like I can handle anything that comes my way! Looking forward to April 2013!"

"Thanks for the amazing (Seasons Retreat)! I lead a busy life it was so nice to sit back relax and be fed myself! God has really blessed this ministry! Loved all the speakers down to the tiny details! Thanks for a making my Love stronger and more devoted to him!"

"Thank you all for a great weekend (Seasons Retreat)! You girls did an amazing job putting this together, and your love for all of us women was so evident through all of the special touches you guys added to make the weekend incredible. Thanks again! :)"

"Thank you so much for the AMAZING (New Beginnings Event) today! I was touched in many ways and didn't even realize I needed to work on a few major areas in my life! Love you girls!!! ♥"

"Oh my gosh - (New Beginnings Event) was WONDERFUL!!! You gals did a GREAT job from beginning to end!!!!!!!!"

"This (God is Love Retreat) was really amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work and being obedient to what God placed on your hearts. This was life-changing for me. God is love!!"

"This (God is Love Retreat) was great. Even better than some of the resorts I've been to. I am coming again. I was moved by people and creatures."

"I enjoyed everything at the (God is Love Retreat). May God bless this ministry that it will grow and continue blessing women far and near."

"loveSTRONG allowed and expected God to do good things at the (God is Love Retreat)....and He did!"

"What an amazing experience (God is Love Retreat)! I was so blessed by everything. I am renewed and refreshed. Exactly what I wanted and needed! Thank you!!"

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